Ink Cartridge Recycling


With the development of printer technology, we have developed reusable ink and toner cartridge.

Stingbull's printer business began with the manufacture of computer ink tapes. For the latest printer, we develop, manufacture and supply the corresponding recyclable toner cartridges and regenerative cartridges by using the technology and experience that accumulated over the past thirty years.

The key words are ecology and recovery

In today's society, it is helpful to utilize resources effectively and protect the natural environment through recycling and expanding recycling。

Stingbull has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, and the image "green consumables" of Stingbull has been deeply rooted in people’s heart.

In the rapid development process, Stingbull always adheres to the road of green environmental protection and advocates low-carbon recycling economy actively. In production process, it eliminates harmful substances from the source and insist on energy conservation, emission reduction and cleaner production. Whether from large capital investment in building green energy power generation production, to use recycled paper as packing materials and recycled materials in plastic parts, or small to double-sided printing of paper, Stingbull will carry out the strategy of green environmental protection in an all-round way.

The rigorous and scientific processing technology of Stingbull ensures that the recycled products are all analyzed and handled scientifically. After a series of processes such as dismantling, washing and testing, the waste is utilized scientifically and became “Non-Pollution” to the environment.

Service—We are serious for serving you

Stingbull stands for high standards, high quality and high performance printing consumables. To produce high quality consumables with you together (such as ribbon cartridge, ink cartridge, toner cartridge, etc.), you only need to provide brand authorization then we can improve product quality and brand strength to reach a win-win cooperation through the production and procession of  Stingbull's  professional  printing consumables factory.

Service 1: We have multiple schemes and this can make our cooperation simpler

Service 2: We adhere to high quality product routes to make you be comfortable and at ease in use。

Service 3: We are professional team and this will enables us to achieve barrier-free communication。

Service 4: We are skilled in service since we have been serving customers from all over the world for many years

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